“The splinter groups disappeared for nigh-on forty years. And then, in 2179, one hundred years since the first Great Nuclear War, they found each other.”

The War of the Three Armies was an armed conflict that started forty years after the end of the Great Surface War. The war was a struggle between the re-emergent Survivors, the further Evolved, and the Series 9.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Great Surface War 40 years ago ended in a defeat for the Survivor army. Their attempts at retaking the surface from the mutant Evolved came at a heavy loss, and they once again retreated to their underground bunkers.

As time passed, the Survivors spent their times regrouping, licking their wounds, and planning for their next assault. Meanwhile the Evolved began to settle in more inhospitable regions of the radioactive wastelands, becoming even more mutated and inhuman as the 'Further Evolved'. They ditched aside their mechanical vehicles from the first war in favour of taming more mutated deadlier beasts into their arsenal.

The Great Surface War has brought much destruction across the ruined landscapes. Whatever fertile lands left had been desecrated by the Survivor and Evolved armies in their fighting. This brought anger to the automated machines that tended to the farmlands. A group of active farming robots, called the Series 9, were still somehow active after the nuclear war. Seeing that the humans razed their crops, their only purpose for existence, they grew sentient and vengeful.

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