Great Surface War

War of 2079
KKnD1 FMV 2079 War





Destruction of civilization

Casualties and losses
One quarter of the human population killed
“Some groups just don't get along. The nuclear hailstorm of 2079 left only a few creatures alive...”

The Great Nuclear War of 2079, also called the Scourge by the Evolved, was a nuclear exchange between various countries that resulted in a nuclear holocaust. Within the space of a week, a quarter of the human population was exterminated almost instantly.

The humans who survived the nuclear holocaust either fled underground, or stayed on the surface. Those who lived underground are aptly named the Survivors. Those who remained on the surface became mutated by the mutagenic viruses and nuclear fallout. As a result of the increasingly scarce modern technology and deadlier wildlife on the surface, a civilization based on strong warrior ethic and paganism had begun to emerge. The people of this civilization are came to be known as the Evolved.

In the year 2140, the Survivors eventually emerged from their underground shelters. The Great Surface War between the Survivors and the Evolved erupted for the control of the surface.

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