The original soundtracks of Krush Kill 'n' Destroy and Krush Kill 'n' Destroy 2: Krossfire were composed by Gavin Parker and Marshall Parker.

KKnD track listingEdit

Xtreme Soundtrack
Track listing
No. Title Length
1. "Survivors - Track 1" (SURV1.WAV) 5:03
2. "Survivors - Track 2" (SURV2.WAV) 3:45
3. "Survivors - Track 3" (SURV3.WAV) 4:45
4. "Evolved - Track 1" (MUTE1.WAV) 5:39
5. "Evolved - Track 2" (MUTE2.WAV) 3:52
6. "Evolved - Track 3" (MUTE3.WAV) 4:03

KKnD Xtreme track listingEdit

Track listing
No. Title Length
7. "Survivors - Track 4" (SURV4.WAV) 4:23
8. "Evolved - Track 4" (MUTE4.WAV) 4:12


No. Title Length
1. "Install" (install.slv on DOS game disc) 0:46

KKnD 2: Krossfire track listingEdit

KKnD2 Soundtrack

Note: "Evolved - Track 1" and "Series 9 - Track 1" were composed by Rip Van Hippy under the names "Diabet"[1] and "How Hip Is A Computer"[2], respectively.

"Series 9 - Track 2" is actually a song called "Tiny Little Engines" by "The Visitors", released under the album "Destination Goa 4" in 1997[3].

"Survivors - Track 2" is actually a song called "Traitor", released in the album "Pharmakoi/Distance Crunching Honchos With Echo Units" in 1997 by the Australian, formerly known band as "Re:fomation". They are now called "The Church"[4]

"Survivors - Track 3" was titled "Earth Blood Down" and was written for the game in 1998 by John Pin under the pseudonym Brain Tuner. Pin also wrote the song "Try (To find a good way to die)" for the soundtrack album release. He also A&R'd all tracks used on the game other than those written and produced by Gavin and Marshall Parker.

The other track names and their artists have to be correctly identified:


No. Title Length
1. "Series 9 - Beta Track" (ROBO_01.wav in Series 9 beta demo) 3:16


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